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We are advisor who help investors with their long-term or short-term investment planning. For more than 30 years, Shreekant Investment has provided the high quality of Insurance and Mutual Fund advice and practical solutions to your investment. Our main job is to actively monitor the client’s investments and continue to work with the client as goals change over time.

We are dedicated to make your investments safer & more profitable, so you can relax & enjoy your future as much as you want. For investor this site is a perfect place to get the best advice about Insurance & Mutual Funds. We give proper advice on how to make your money double and multiply them for the rest of your life.

Initially Mr. Suresh Vora started his career as a part-time L.I.C agent in 1988 and then applying to duty, He became a full-time L.I.C agent in 1995. Thereafter He obtained the honour of becoming the LIC CROREPATI AGENT every year and in 2000-2001 He obtained THE POSITION OF THE ZONAL CLUB MEMBER. In 2001-2002, He became THE CHAIRMAN CLUB MEMBER and then obtain THE MDRT in 2001 in the same year & continue TILL NOW. Mr suresh vora also obtained the COT (Court of the table) in 2002. In the same year got the honour of becoming THE FIRST IN SINGLE PREMIUM IN THE WHOLE DIVISION. Finally in year 2009 He completed a business of ’34 CRORE PREMIUM’ and ACHIEVED TOT(TOP OF THE TABLE. USA) and STOOD 1ST POSITION in the all INDIA RANKING.

In 2010 achieved Bronze Club in Icici prudential mutual fund, in
2011 Achieved star club in Uti mutual Fund,in 2015 achieved Privilege Club In Aditya Birla mutual fund

2012 – Mr. shrikant vora joined

Shrikant vora achieved in his 1st year of agency he Achieved MDRT (USA CLUB)
In 2017 he Achieved AMSA CLUB In hdfc ergo (formally known as apollo Munich) till Countine

In 2018 shrikant vora Done his ‘Advance Financial Goal Planning from American Academy Of Financial Management India (AAFA-INDIA)

In 2018 achieved No 1 in fresh new business in Gujarat with HDFC ERGO ( formally known as ‘apollo munich’)

Both father and Son

In 2019 they achieved 2 COT (USA Club) (3 TIMES OF MDRT) & 1 TOT (USA CLUB) (6 Times Of MDRT)

In 2020 they again achieved 2 COT (USA CLUB) & double MDRT

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Our Services

The realm Of Our Activities encompasses advisory and managing services specially in

  • life insurance

  • Early Retirement Planning

  • Wealth Creation

  • Child Marriage and Education Planning

  • Pension Planning

Mutual Funds

  • Equity Funds

  • Dept Funds

  • Balance Funds

  • ELSS Funds (Tax Saving)

  • SIP ( Systematic Investment Planning )

General insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Critical Illness

  • Personal Accident

  • Vehicle Insurance

  • Workman Compensation

  • Factory Insurance

  • Group Health Insurance

  • Fire Insurance

  • Travel Insurance


  • Home Loan

  • Mortgage Loan

  • Home Loan Transfer & Top Up

  • Loan Against Properties

  • Commercial Purchase

  • Industrial Purchase

  • Drop Down Over Draft Facility (DOD)

Credit Cards


Our Soul Objective is to Provide Well Considered Need Oriented, client focused and wealth management solutions. We keep ourselves equally concerned about existing an investment at an appropriate time as we are while advising the entry.

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